Forging equipment

The factory has 6 production lines of friction press and 6 production lines of electric screw press.The company has 12 forging and pressing production lines, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of forging products.Forgings range from 0.1kg to 200kg in weight.Application industries of the products include automobile industry, engineering machinery, petrochemical equipment, mining machinery, railway locomotives, agricultural machinery, electric power industry, etc.

The company’s forging presses are all screw presses, with screw rod, nut as the transmission mechanism, and by the screw drive will flywheel positive and negative rotary movement into the up and down reciprocating movement of the slider forging machinery.When working, the motor makes the flywheel rotate to save energy, and at the same time pushes the sliding block downward through the screw and nut.When the slider touches the workpiece, the flywheel is forced to decelerate to a complete stop, and the stored rotational kinetic energy is converted into impact energy, which hits the workpiece through the slider and deforms it.After the blow, the motor reverses the flywheel, causing the slider to rise and return to its original position.The specification of the screw press is expressed by the nominal working force.Screw press is usually driven by motor through the friction disc flywheel rim and make the flywheel rotating, so the press is also called friction screw press, the other is a flywheel is driven by motor directly to the electric screw press, its structure is compact, less transmission links, due to the reversing frequently, to control the electric equipment demand is higher, and need special motor, electric screw press is a new generation of forging press.

The screw press has no fixed bottom dead point and can be used for single, continuous and inching beating for larger die forgings.The impact force is related to the deformation of the workpiece. When the deformation is large, the impact force is small, and when the deformation is small (such as cold strike), the impact force is large.In these respects, it is similar to a forging hammer.However, its slider speed is low (about 0.5m/s, only 1/10 of the forging hammer), and the striking force is closed through the frame, so it works smoothly, and the vibration is much smaller than the forging hammer, so it does not need a large foundation.The screw press is equipped with skid safety mechanism, limiting the maximum impact force to 2 times of the nominal pressure to protect the safety of the equipment.The lower part of the screw press is equipped with a forging ejection device.The screw press has the function of die forging hammer, mechanical press and so on. It is versatile and can be used in die forging, blanking, drawing and other processes.Electric screw press has a simple structure, small volume, short transmission chain, operation is convenient, safe operation and maintenance workload small, the characteristics of the electric screw press against the energy can be accurately set, force have showed that can be adjusted according to the forming precision of energy, force, to reduce the mold, mechanical stress and thermal contact time, extend the life of the mold.The machine body rigidity is good, the slide guide precision is high, the anti-bias load ability is strong, may use in the multi-station die forging, is one kind of new energy conservation environmental protection press.