Manage product delivery process to ensure on-time delivery.
Applicable to product delivery management.
3. Responsibility and authority
The sales department is responsible for the management of product delivery.
4.0 working procedure
4.0 process input: delivery plan.
4.1 the sales department shall determine the mode and time of product delivery according to the requirements of the order for product delivery, prepare the “shipping plan”, issue the “shipping notice”, and inform the product name (drawing number, quantity and receiving unit) of the product.
4.2 the salesman shall take delivery of the goods at the warehouse with the shipment notice, and the warehouse administrator shall record the flow direction of the batch number products.
4.3 the warehouse distributes products according to the shipment notice, and records the batch number of products;
4.4 the quality control department shall be responsible for providing the corresponding inspection and test records according to the product batch number. If electronic records are required, the quality control department shall send an email to the receiving unit on the same day.
4.5 after checking the goods, the salesman shall go to the quality control department to get the material sheet and test report of the batch products after checking the name and quantity. Material list and test report should go together with the product.
4.6 for nearby places, the salesman will deliver the goods by car and handle the goods acceptance procedures at the customer’s office.
4.7 for the long journey, the salesman shall handle the consignment/mail, and the salesman shall maintain the delivery certificate procedures, timely track the acceptance of the customer and accept the receipt in the normal response time of the customer.
4.8 after receiving the customer receipt, the salesman shall go through relevant procedures in the financial department in time.
4.9 the salesman shall track the acceptance and use of the customer, solve the problems raised by the customer in a timely manner, including the possible reasonable requirements of the customer.
4.10 in case of customer service requirements, the salesman shall provide relevant services. In case of need, the salesman shall contact relevant production or technical personnel, go to the customer for service, record the service contents and results, and fill in the on-site service record form, including the customer’s evaluation of the service.
4.11 salesman/resident representative shall track and record the delivery and acceptance of products and the use of customers in assembly. Report major nonconformities and customer complaints by phone in a timely manner.
5. Relevant documents/records
a. Shipping order
b. Certificate of delivery procedure/customer receipt
c. The delivery plan