Product design capability

Currently,forging method at home and abroad,mainly remains Free forging and Roll forging,Model Forging of Industrial developed countries easily outnumbered Free forging. Beca mechanical property. High strength, impact fatigue resistance. “Forge” is one of the oldest use of high production rate of Roll forging,high dimension precision of forging,high utilization ratio of material and fibrous tissue distributes the outlines of forging,so it has good production technology of human invention, is one of the important technology in mechanical manufacturing industry.
It includes the forging and stamping technology, and the plastic deformation associated with technology. Forging as main methods and means of metal processing . Forging ps histiocytomarocess can ensure the continuity of metallic fibrou , consistent with appearance of fibrous tissue and forgings forging, metal flow line complete, guaranteed parts with good mechanical properties and long service life, Forging is the weight-bearing loads in the machine parts, particularly suited to the structure of small size and loading large or subject to fatigue loading parts,If we can combine The fetal membrane hammers and the swage block hammers,the Economic efficiency will obviously enhances,so Forging craft is the trend of development, we will disobey Forging principle and Forging structure technology capability if we can not understand Forging design, the result range from not forging the components to protracting the production cycle, increasing manufacturing difficulties and costing this Graduation Project, we can grasp the law of the manufacture of structural design and forging structure technology capability by analysising the structural design of a wide range of forging and the technology capability, also nimbly use the technique of manufacture, reasonably design the structural and the craft by grasping the law.
Forgings of molding process refers to the structure design of forging on the premise of meet the performance and ensure the quality, under certain production conditions and production scale, at least the amount of labor, the highest productivity at the lowest cost method of forging forming on the properties of forgings structure design, should be fully considered:
1) forging materials;
2) forging equipment and tooling;
3) production batch;
4) requirements for the use of parts;
5) shape and size characteristics of parts, etc..
In order to seek forgings with good workability corresponding to the most reasonable process . Therefore, designers are required to not only master the design knowledge of forgings, but also have a good understanding of process knowledge. Structure design points of the die forgings due to the process conditions are determined, the shape of the die forgings is free forging complex but in order to make the metal is easy to mold chamber, reduce the deformation process and improve die life and die forgings shape design should still strive to simple flat and symmetry, avoid forging the cross section of the difference is too big, or with thin wall, high reinforcement and convex structure.