competitive advantage

Our company has been engaged in forging business for more than 20 years and has accumulated rich forging technology and experience.

The company has a large number of experienced forging engineers and technical workers.

Currently, our factory is installed with all kinds of forging equipment and processing machinery, which means we can produce forged parts from 0.1kg to 200kg in short time with large quantities.

We have an professional industrial design team which can design products according to detail requirements from customers. Moreover, we can do secondary design improvements to old parts.

The company has the ability to design and produce metal forging molds, which are the key tools in the manufacturing process of forging products.So we can control the product quality better.

We have excellent machining equipment that can meet the assembly requirements of customers’ products. It can be assembled directly after purchase.

The company can design and produce forging products with complex structure, and the product surface is beautiful without defects.

The company implements strict ISO quality control system to effectively control the quality of each product.

The company has a perfect order processing process to ensure the timely delivery of each order.

The company has a professional business service team to provide customers with timely and comprehensive services.

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Gold emperor forging quality control

Forging is a complex process that integrates metal materials, forging processes, mold design and manufacturing, temperature control, measurement technology, data processing and quality management. It shows that the factors affecting the quality of forgings are multifaceted. Process. Therefore, only the detection and control of various factors and processes affecting the quality of forgings, so that each process and factors are qualified, can guarantee the final forgings qualified.

The measured data can be processed not only to determine the pass or fail of the forging, but also to find the cause of the failure by means of the analyzed data, so that effective measures can be taken to improve the quality of the forging.

√   Different detection methods can be selected as needed

  • Detection and control of raw materials
  • Detection and control of blank blank
  • What to check before forging starts
  • Inspection and control during forging
  • On-line inspection and quality control after forging
  • Forging completion inspection and quality control
  • Inspection and quality control of forged products


1.Which countries do you export to?

U.S.A, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Brazil, Swedish, Japan, Korea, Middle east of Asia, Thailand.

2.How long does it take to receive samples?

A) Pattern:30-45days after order
B) Sample:30days after pattern finishing.
C) The lead time is the general production period and does not include the transportation time.

3.New product development process

Got tooling order and sample order with 50% deposit—Hold a meeting with the relation dept.To ensure the developing schedule—Design mold, fixture and gauge and making them in our house—mold steel buying—Machining—Inspection—Send out the sample with initial inspection report.

4.How long is the manufacturing lead time?

Mass Production:90days after sample approval by yours.The lead time is the general production period including the transportation time.
We could make some special production arrangement effectively if customer has urgent need.

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