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Product quality planning and control procedures

purpose This procedure identifies and establishes the steps required to ensure customer satisfaction with the product, promotes contact with everyone involved to ensure that the required steps are completed on time, and guides resources to prevent defects, reduce costs, continuously improve, and provide quality products at the lowest cost in a timely manner to satisfy […]

Product production control procedure

Product production control procedure 1.Purpose Control the manufacturing process to ensure process capability and manufacturing quality. 2.Scope Applicable to the company’s auto parts production process control. Responsibility and authority The production department is responsible for this process management. Workflow 4.0 process input: order/delivery plan; Inventory; Product specification/work instruction. 4.1 production plan 4.1.1 receive orders After […]

Product monitoring and control procedures

1.0 purpose Inspect and test raw materials, purchased parts, semi-finished products and finished products to prevent unqualified raw materials, purchased parts from unexpected use, unqualified semi-finished products from being transferred and unqualified finished products from leaving the factory. 2.0 scope of application Applicable to the company’s raw materials, purchased parts, semi-finished products, finished products inspection […]

Nonconforming product control procedure

1.0 purpose Prevent unexpected use of nonconforming products. 2.0 scope of application It is applicable to the control and treatment of raw materials, purchased parts, semi-finished products and finished products which are judged unqualified after inspection and test. 3.0 responsibilities 3.1 the quality control department shall be responsible for organizing the review of nonconforming products, […]