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Introduction to processing characteristics of forged products

The forging products of the forging factory are plastically deformed by forging processing. The forging process is a processing method for the blanks or parts that use the external force to plastically deform the forging raw materials and obtain the size, shape and performance required for the forgings. Through forging processing can eliminate defects such […]

What are the main forging materials?

The forging materials are mainly carbon steel and alloy steel of various compositions, followed by aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium and the like and alloys thereof. The raw state of the material is bar, ingot, metal powder and liquid metal. The ratio of the cross-sectional area of ​​the metal before deformation to the cross-sectional area after […]

Business management control procedures

purpose Effectively handle customer-related processes to ensure customer satisfaction. Scope of application This procedure is applicable to the determination, review and change control of requirements related to auto parts business. Duties and responsibilities 3.1 the sales department and customer representatives are responsible for the centralized management of customer-related processes; 3.2 relevant departments shall cooperate with […]

Delivery control program

1.Purpose Manage product delivery process to ensure on-time delivery. 2.Scope Applicable to product delivery management. 3. Responsibility and authority The sales department is responsible for the management of product delivery. 4.0 working procedure 4.0 process input: delivery plan. 4.1 the sales department shall determine the mode and time of product delivery according to the requirements […]

Customer satisfaction control procedures

1.Purpose Measure customer satisfaction to find improvement direction. 2.Applicable to the measurement of customer satisfaction. 3. Responsibility and authority The sales department is responsible for the management of customer satisfaction. 4. Workflow 4.0 process input: customer communication and information feedback, product quality and delivery certificate/record. 4.1 measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction 4.1.1 planning of […]