Measure customer satisfaction to find improvement direction.

2.Applicable to the measurement of customer satisfaction.

3. Responsibility and authority
The sales department is responsible for the management of customer satisfaction.

4. Workflow
4.0 process input: customer communication and information feedback, product quality and delivery certificate/record.
4.1 measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction
4.1.1 planning of satisfaction monitoring and measurement
Conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys.
A. survey cycle: quarterly.
B. Survey objects: covering 90% of the customers, responsible personnel of relevant units of customers under investigation.
C. Survey items: quality of the company’s products; Delivery status; Service status; Production interruption of customers caused by our products; Significant customer feedback on product quality or delivery issues, additional shipping costs, customer perception, etc.
D. Investigation department: sales department.
E. Survey methods: statistical survey methods were adopted.
F. The customer satisfaction survey shall take into account both the last customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, as well as the actual production and operation status.
4.1.2 carry out investigation the sales department shall organize a customer satisfaction survey every quarter.Survey customers who have contracts and/or business dealings with the company in the form of a customer satisfaction questionnaire. The main means of transmission are: fax, visit, mail, E-mail and please carry. after the “customer satisfaction survey form” is issued, the sales department shall timely track, feedback and contact customers to fill in and reply to the status. relevant units of the company shall organize and carry out an investigation on the actual operation status of the company:
A. The sales department shall make monthly statistics and analysis of delivery, service quality level, customer notification, and customer production interruption (including sales returns).
B. Monthly statistics and analysis of product quality level by quality control department.
C. The production department organizes each workshop to calculate the process capability and process capability index of the company’s important processes every month.
D. The financial department calculates the actual operating cost, excess freight and profit of the company every month.
E. Submit the above analysis results to the sales department.
4.1.3 summarize and analyze the satisfaction
The sales department shall organize relevant departments to analyze according to the results of customer satisfaction survey and the actual operation status of the company, and form a “customer satisfaction statistical analysis report”, which shall include the trend of customer satisfaction and the main aspects of customer dissatisfaction as well as the performance indicators and improvement measures.
4.2 collect customer feedback and provide after-sales service
4.2.1 collection and feedback of feedback information
A. After receiving customer feedback, the sales department shall timely provide feedback to the quality control department and other relevant departments with the “customer feedback information processing report”.
B. The sales department keeps a record of the accounts.
4.2.2 processing of feedback information

Deliver customer feedback from sales to quality control.

The quality control department shall organize relevant departments to study and formulate corrective measures, and propose service methods, which shall be implemented by relevant departments.

C. After the completion of the service, the service implementation unit shall feed back the service results to the sales department and quality control department.
4.2.3 realization of after-sales service telephone service method: put the summary record of the result of telephone service on the “field service record”. If necessary, if the telephone cannot be said clearly or words need to be confirmed, the report shall be sent to the customer in the form of fax. The original copy of the fax shall be attached to the field service record. on-site service method: after the end of on-site service, the entrusted on-site service personnel shall keep the service content in the form of “on-site service record”. If it needs to be confirmed by the customer, it must be signed by the customer representative. After returning to the company, the service personnel shall submit the “on-site service record” to the sales department for preservation and feedback to the quality control department.
4.2.4 provide guaranteed return and replacement services, and relevant expenses shall be included in the quality cost.
4.3 plan improvement measures
In view of the problems in the analysis results, the sales manager shall organize the relevant departments to make improvements, and supervise and promote the improvement process. Related corrective and verification work according to “improve control procedures”.
4.4 implementation of improvement measures
4.4.1 the sales department is responsible for improving service quality and delivery quality.
4.4.2 the technical department is responsible for the improvement of application development problems and product performance problems.
4.4.3 the quality control department is responsible for the improvement of product quality problems.
4.4.4 the workshop is responsible for the improvement of the process capability of the unit.
4.4.5 the financial department is responsible for the improvement of price issues.
4.5 submit for management review
All related units shall submit investigation report, investigation analysis report and implementation of improvement measures during the management review of the company.

5. Relevant documents/records:

a.Customer satisfaction questionnaire

b.Customer satisfaction statistics

c.Customer feedback information processing report