1.0 purpose

Prevent unexpected use of nonconforming products.

2.0 scope of application

It is applicable to the control and treatment of raw materials, purchased parts, semi-finished products and finished products which are judged unqualified after inspection and test.

3.0 responsibilities

3.1 the quality control department shall be responsible for organizing the review of nonconforming products, the verification of nonconforming products after treatment and the statistics of nonconforming products.

3.2 the technical department is responsible for the formulation of rework and repair processes for defective products.

3.3 the process inspector is responsible for the determination, information transmission and identification of process nonconforming products, and the production workshop is responsible for the isolation of process nonconforming products and the disposal results of nonconforming products.

3.4 the production department shall be responsible for coordinating and organizing the disposal of nonconforming products, the review of nonconforming products in the self-inspection workshop, the verification after treatment and the statistics of nonconforming information.

3.5 the purchasing department and the production department are jointly responsible for the physical management of non-conforming products.

4.0 working procedure

4.1 control of production raw materials, main auxiliary materials and defective purchased parts:

4.1.1 the quality control department is responsible for inspection in accordance with the inspection regulations to determine whether the products are qualified or not.

4.1.2 when unqualified products are found:

  1. Inform the purchasing department and each warehouse to mark immediately and isolate when necessary;
  2. In case of rejection, the quality control department shall sign “return” on the “inspection notice”, and the purchasing department shall be responsible for return;
  3. In case of concession or release, it shall be executed in accordance with article 4.8.

4.2 control of nonconforming products in the production process

2 shop operator self-inspection, it found that when the product is unqualified, should immediately stop production, timely report to the workshop manager/inspector, and completed by the inspector “nonconforming trial list” section, submitted to the reviewers with permissions for trial and execution trial results, to compromise, release, according to article 4.8.

4.2.2 quality management department inspector in accordance with the control plan, process documents and inspection procedures for first article inspection and checking, it found that the product is unqualified, it shall immediately stop the production, and fill in the “process quality information feedback sheet” or “nonconforming to form”, submitted to the trial, the persons with the review authority workshop execution trial results, to compromise, release, according to article 4.8.

4.3 workshop/inspectors found on the process sequence of the product is unqualified, immediate notice must be given to stop production, and timely notify the process manager/inspector to confirm, for the processing and assembly of products in isolation, fill out the “nonconforming product trial form”, submitted to the trial, the persons with review permissions and execute the trial results, to compromise, release, according to article 4.8.

4.4 control of returned products

4.4.1 the warehouse shall fill in the relevant columns of “goods returned for examination”, and then transfer them to the quality control department for verification after filling in the reasons for return to the sales department. If necessary, the quality control department shall carry out inspection or test one by one, and submit the verified results to the technical department for examination, while the production department shall carry out the examination results.

4.5 review authority of nonconforming products:

  1. If a single piece or a small quantity (less than 10 pieces) is unqualified and of clear nature, which can be reworked or scrapped, it shall be directly determined and reviewed by the quality control department/workshop inspectors;
  2. General characteristics of batch products nonconforming products shall be reviewed by the quality control department. Inspectors and workshops fill in the relevant columns of “unqualified evaluation form” respectively.
  3. The weight characteristics of batch products and unqualified products shall be reviewed by the technical department.

4.6 the technical department shall be responsible for preparing specific rework/repair work instructions.

4.7 disposition results of nonconforming products fall into four categories:

4.7.1 rework.

4.7.2 repair.

4.7.3 concession acceptance (applicable to non-matching size, non-contact surface and general characteristics that do not affect customers’ use).

4.7.4 scrapped or rejected.

4.8 concession and release

4.8.1 concessions of purchased products shall be submitted to the technical deputy general manager/chief engineer for approval by the procurement department in the form of “purchase products concession acceptance approval form”. If the product needs to be selected for use, the purchasing department shall coordinate and arrange it, and the selected product shall be re-inspected.

4.8.2 wip concession shall be handled by the corresponding workshop according to the review conclusion.

4.8.3 any concession affecting product quality shall be agreed by the sales department with the user or customer representative, and corresponding records shall be kept.

4.9 management description

4.9.1 reworked and repaired products shall be re-inspected according to relevant inspection procedures.

4.9.2 the quality control department shall, based on the inspection records and other data, make statistics and analysis of the rate of nonconforming products, identify the main causes of nonconforming products, formulate the priority reduction plan, and fill in the “corrective and preventive measures processing sheet” to track the progress of the plan.

4.9.3 in the production and assembly site, it shall be easy to get the rework/repair work instructions for unqualified products.

4.9.4 all suspicious materials and products shall be treated as nonconforming products.

4.9.5 in the production site, visual limit samples and isolation areas of nonconforming products or suspicious materials or products shall be established for visual identification, which can be divided into qualified products/nonconforming products. Visual limit samples shall be assessed by the technical department.

4.9.6 in case of non-conforming products being shipped, the quality control department shall immediately notify the sales department or relevant customer departments.

4.9.7 if the product or manufacturing process has been approved by the customer in accordance with the provisions, the approval (including outsourcing products and all rework parts) shall be applied to the customer in a timely manner when the product or manufacturing process is different from the approved product/process specification. After being approved by the customer, the labels designated by the customer shall be made outside the packing boxes and the product quality traceability records shall be made. When the time limit approved by the customer is exceeded, the company must ensure that the product meets the original requirements or the customer’s revised specifications.

5.0 related documents/records

5.1 priority reduction plan for nonconforming products

5.2 review sheet of nonconforming products

6.0 product rework notice

6.1 product repair notice

6.2 product scrap list

6.3 concession of purchased products to receive approval form

6.4 process quality information feedback sheet