1.0 purpose

Inspect and test raw materials, purchased parts, semi-finished products and finished products to prevent unqualified raw materials, purchased parts from unexpected use, unqualified semi-finished products from being transferred and unqualified finished products from leaving the factory.

2.0 scope of application

Applicable to the company’s raw materials, purchased parts, semi-finished products, finished products inspection and test control.

3.0 responsibilities

3.1 the quality control department is responsible for the inspection and test of raw materials, purchased parts, semi-finished products and finished products.

3.2 the production workshop is responsible for the implementation of process inspection.

3.3 the laboratory of quality control department is responsible for testing the specified project.

3.4 the technical department is responsible for formulating and issuing inspection procedures and relevant standards for raw materials, purchased parts, semi-finished products and finished products.

4.0 working procedure

4.1 preparation before inspection and test

4.4.1 by qc department according to the control plan, process documents, inspection instruction, before starting the inspection, review is a crucial test of each way and the method to make provisions of the project, its contents include: inspection method, inspection tools and precision, sampling method, assessment method, recording method, indicate that may need to provide the quality records, test and verification records.

4.1.2 when preparing sampling plan for data reception of counting characteristics, the acceptance criterion must be C=0 sampling plan.

4.1.3 inspection method

Sampling inspection: inspectors shall conduct sampling inspection of raw and auxiliary materials, purchased parts, semi-finished products and finished products.

Full inspection: the inspection of semi-finished products in the process by workshops and inspectors.

Self inspection: inspection performed by the operator himself.

“Three inspection system” : first inspection, patrol inspection, final inspection.

  1. First inspection: operators and inspectors inspect the first three products processed or assembled in each process. Batch production is not allowed if the first inspection is unqualified.
  2. Inspection: the inspector shall make sampling inspection in the process of product processing or assembly. If the inspection fails, the inspector shall timely adjust the process for correction, conduct the first inspection again, and conduct 100% inspection on the processed products.
  3. Final parts inspection: workshop inspectors shall inspect 1-3 pieces of products finally completed by operators.

4.2 incoming inspection and test

4.2.1 after the arrival of raw materials and purchased parts, the warehouse keeper shall fill in the “material entry and delivery inspection form” and send it together with the quality certificate documents to the external inspection room under the quality control department.

4.2.2 after receiving the “inspection sheet for materials entering the warehouse”, the external inspection room shall carry out inspection, test or verification in accordance with the “verification and inspection rules for purchased (co-purchased) parts”/drawings;If the warehouse keeper cannot provide the supplier’s “quality certificate” at the same time, the external inspection room has the right to reject the inspection.

4.2.3 the inspector of the external inspection room shall fill in the inspection and test results on the “materials warehousing delivery and inspection sheet” respectively, one copy shall be fed back to the purchasing department, and the other copy shall be kept by himself. If qualified, the materials shall be warehoused, and if unqualified, relevant provisions of the control procedures for nonconforming products shall be followed.

4.2.4 inspectors shall record the inspection results and transfer them to the quality control department for approval. In addition to timely monitoring the quality of incoming goods, it can also be used as the data of supplier evaluation.

4.3 process inspection and test

4.3.1 the technical department shall make control plans, inspection procedures and inspection process CARDS according to product drawings and other requirements.

4.3.2 process inspection and test shall be carried out by relevant personnel organized by the workshop according to the requirements of process documents, and the quality control department shall be responsible for verifying and monitoring the effectiveness of process inspection and test. Evaluate the process capability of important or special processes as needed.

4.3.3 operator self-inspection

Operators shall conduct self-inspection in accordance with the requirements of the control plan/process document and mutual inspection if necessary, or the team leader and full-time inspectors shall assist in inspection and approve the self-inspection results.

4.3.4 full-time inspectors in the workshop shall inspect and test process characteristic items according to the inspection procedures/control plan, and fill in the results in the “quality inspection record form”.

4.3.5 monitoring the effectiveness of process inspection

  1. The quality control department shall check the completion inspection records of full-time inspectors in the workshop to verify whether the inspection items and frequency meet the requirements of process documents;
  2. The quality control department shall reinspect and record the completed products.

4.3.6 if unqualified products are found during the process inspection and test, the control procedures for unqualified products shall be followed.

4.4 final inspection and test

4.4.1 the final product inspection can only be carried out after all the specified assembly procedures, inspection or test procedures have been completed and the specified requirements have been met; Inspectors perform inspections in accordance with inspection procedures/control plans and fill in final product inspection records.

4.4.2 for qualified products, only after the inspector issues the “product qualification certificate” can they be put into storage.

4.5 delivery inspection

4.5.1 before shipment, the quality control department’s delivery inspector shall unpack and inspect each batch of products according to the inspection items in the “product delivery inspection report”, and sign/seal the invoice after passing the inspection. And fill in the “product delivery inspection report form”.

4.5.2 the delivery inspector shall deliver all quality certificates to the warehouse keeper, who shall deliver them to the owner of the carrier to deliver to the customer.

4.5.3 upon customer’s request, chemical analysis supporting data of materials and test report of products shall be provided.

4.6 full size inspection and functional test

Annual full-size inspection and functional test shall be carried out by the quality control department in accordance with the specified requirements and according to the frequency specified by the customer (if the customer has no requirements, the annual production of 40,000 sets of products shall be conducted once a year), and the test report shall be reviewed when the customer requires.

4.7 all inspection and testing and reporting shall be completed within the specified time.

4.8 all inspectors must hold certificates.

4.9 emergency release

4.9.1 for the production raw materials and purchased parts that are in urgent need of production but have no time for inspection and test, the purchasing department shall fill in the “emergency release application form” and report to the technical deputy general manager/chief engineer for approval; Pass the approved emergency release form to production department and quality control department. Related warehouse to release the specified products, quality control department/production department to supervise the production process; Production workshop must hang “emergency release” and other forms of signs production, and maintain the sign; If the inspection and test results are qualified, the quality control department/production department shall delist and release the products and notify relevant units. In case of non-conformance, it shall be recovered and replaced immediately.

4.9.2 for homemade products production needs, in the process of inspection and testing completed or necessary reports received and verified, can’t transfer product order or release, need emergency release, by the production department to fill in the emergency release apps, approved by the deputy general manager/chief engineer, workshop or warehouse do identification and record, in order to recover when the result is unqualified.

5.0 related documents/records

5.1 sampling inspection scheme and acceptance criteria

5.2 product quality inspection records

5.3 materials entering the warehouse and sending inspection sheet

5.4 inspection records of purchased parts